Tales Of Irish Lottery Winners

If you are not the grand prizewinner of a big lottery, it is at least nice to hear the stories of those who are. It gives a little hope for your future chances, and sometimes even a little chuckle to boot.

Troubled Days

Greg Smyth was not having a very good week, you see he apparently had a bit too much to drink and got in a spot of trouble with the Irish police. A nice little charge of public drunkenness along with threatening and abusive behavior were the start of his week.

But lo and behold, things would have a definite turn around just four short days later when he won big from a handful of quick picks! Over €9 million (or $12, 981,391 in US currency). According to dad, professional golfer Des Smyth, young Greg will have a wealth of good financial advisors.

After the Split

What are the chances that two winning tickets would be sold in the same small town? According to officials, slim to none, unless the two tickets were purchased by family members playing the same exact numbers.

Well, this was the tale to be told in the town of Letterkenny in County Donegal. irish lottery results 49s A couple both chose the same numbers for Ireland’s Lotto Plus 2 drawing.

To add a delicious twist, the family members were estranged husband and wife who travelled by bus together to Dublin to collect their winnings. Apparently, Pat O’Hagan and Margret Doherty have always played the same numbers, even after their separation.

Lucky and Charitable

You most commonly hear stories of what the newly rich plan to purchase with their lottery winnings, but for one Irish couple giving will be their reward.

Marie McKibbins almost missed the jackpot, as the lucky ticket was a last minute purchase encouraged by her husband. The family will split the £1,134,307 six ways, and other than a possible cruise Marie and her husband plan to donate the winnings to a couple of her favorite charities.

A Bit Controversial

Would you continue to accept disability payments if you won a big jackpot?

Apparently this is the question at the heart of the debate over Michael and Jean O’Shae’s big win. The couple maintains their council home in Nottingham, instead of moving to the home they built in a village in County Kerry.

The reason for the reticence? In Nottingham, disability payments are not assessed on a needs basis, but merely by what the recipient has paid in over a lifetime of working. While in County Kerry all disability is needs only based. Moving would cost the couple approximately £125 a week, which they are confident that they are entitled to.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with the couple, which has caused them some very real grief.

What About You..?

Dreaming about winning the lottery, in Ireland or anywhere else for that matter, can be fun. Almost as much fun as reading about the strange or at least interesting stories of others who have hit the jackpot.

What lesson can you learn from these stories? Persistence pays off? It is more blessed to give than to receive? Perhaps the best thing to take from these stories is the fact that anyone can win!

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