Dr David Crawford Points Out a Few Common Types of Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic problems are quite common among people, especially in old age. While many orthopedic issues might be resolved through medications and physiotherapy, in certain severe cases, one might need to go through a surgery to get the needed relief.

Dr David Crawford underlines that orthopedic surgeries are commonly performed on the wrists, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, and knees of the patients.  He is an orthopedic surgeon himself, and is affiliated with Mount Carmel St Ann’s Hospital.

The majority of orthopedic surgeons try to explore various nonsurgical options like pain medication, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation, prior to recommending their patients to go for a surgery. Dr David Crawford mentions that nowadays, many surgeons prefer minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries than the traditional procedures, as they have faster recovery times. Dr. Crawford has more than a decade of experience in the field of medicine, and is affiliated with multiple hospitals.  His extensive experience in the domain of orthopedic surgeries makes him a perfect candidate to talk about this topic.

Here are a few of the commonly performed orthopedic procedures underlined by Dr David Crawford:

  • Debridement: Dead tissues might have to be removed from a joint before any healing can take place. Debridement procedures are performed to remove such tissues. Arthroscopic debridement is most commonly performed to extract loose and damaged tissues that might be in the knee joint.
  • Joint Replacement: Such procedures are performed to replace an injured joint with a prosthetic. While there are many types of joint replacement surgeries, hip and knee replacement surgeries are the most common. Joint replacement surgeries are undertaken if the patients suffer from severe joint pain or dysfunction that is not alleviated by any less-invasive therapy.
  • Spinal Fusion: This surgery is performed to join the vertebrae together, so as to repair damage caused to the spine, and provide it more stability. Spinal fusion is known to involve techniques that are specially designed to mimic the typical healing process of broken bones, and helps in correcting problems related to the small bones in the spine.
  • Osteotomy: Such a procedure is usually needed by children having deformities. Osteotomy aids in correcting certain deformities to make sure that bone growth in a child is normal. Usually, the length of a bone or its alignment is corrected through this procedure.
  • Ankle Repair: This surgery would be required in case the ankle joint is unstable after a fracture.  Such a condition takes place if the bones are not aligned properly. In an ankle repair surgery, the bones would be re-positioned to their relevant position, and subsequently held together with the help of implants.
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery: ACL refers to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, and it is among the major ligaments in the knee. This surgery is taken place to restore the function of ACL after an injury.

In case a patient is recommended to go through any of the procedures listed above, it is imperative that they contact an experienced orthopedic surgeon much like Dr David Crawford.

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